75 Types of Bitches (via This Is The Story Of…)

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Amazing, totally true

75 Types of Bitches   The story behind this list goes as such: Apparently someone has a friend who has a cousin who is a teacher at a charter school in Washington D.C. That friend of a friends cousin may possibly have another friend who has a dog that is friends with another dog, but we're jumping ahead here. So this teacher found this comprehensive and mature list on the floor of a 3rd grade classroom. The teacher then immediately scanned the pages after reali … Read More

via This Is The Story Of…


Ear Stabbers.

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Are pretty much back stabbers. They stab you in the back, maybe not with a knife but with there words. But sometimes it doesnt happen in the back it can happen to your face, or your ear.  They can be anyone. Your neighbor, friend, mother, father, pretty much everyone around you. It sucks i know. Noone wants to be stabbed, but it happens. How do you recover? Well noone knows that as well. All you gotta do is be stabbed.


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Friends bring drama,hurt, and sorrow. But when you deal with it for a while, you will learn to lov’em! ❤